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Reasons to Use Thermal Inkjet Printers

Coding and marking of items has had several options in the market for years but thermal inkjet printers are becoming the favorite ones due to various reasons. Even though thermal inkjet printers were reserved for dot matrix printing, it is becoming more popular because of its various advantages including producing high-quality, high resolution finished print. You will benefit from using a thermal inkjet printer for your business in several ways that you never imagined possible because they offer a lot more than most people know. Investing in a thermal inkjet is one of the reasons you will never regret because you will be enjoying the following advantages.

Choosing a thermal inkjet printer is advantageous because the ink is safely contained in a cartridge and there is no chance of the cartridge leaking, which can result in great losses in terms of downtime and maintenance costs. Thermal inkjet printers are cost-effective in terms of repairs and maintenance; they have no moving parts plus the ink and print head are housed in the same cartridge, meaning both of them become brand new every time you change a cartridge.

Thermal inkjet printers are suitable because they are capable of printing on a wide range of materials including PVC which makes it better than the earlier models or types that were only suitable for use on specific materials. Most people are choosing thermal inkjet printers because of its high speed; maintaining efficiency on the production line requires printers that provide quality at high speed and that is exactly what you will get with thermal inkjet printer.

High print resolution is an advantage and reason to choose thermal inkjet printer; they printers have more than one hundred nozzles and provide high resolution which can also be adjusted to meet the required resolution for the project you are handling. Disruption to production line means disruption to your output which can be costly in the long run hence the reason to consider thermal inkjet printers; they are easy to use and will fit seamlessly with the technology you have to boost instead of disrupting the productivity of your business.

Thermal inkjets only require a quick change of the ink cartridge to have a new supply and a new print head without going through much trouble. If you compare all the inkjet printers with the same capability, thermal inkjet printers are the most affordable ones. Finally, thermal inkjet printers are suitable because of their cleanliness; with the ink contained in a cartridge, there are no leaks or spillage. You should consider buying a thermal inkjet printer for the reasons discussed in this article.

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