Bedroom or sunburn?

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If we look into the past or the so-called. "Uncivilized" world, we find that the special sleeping room was not and to this day many are not commonplace. After all, the Czech designation-bedroom-does not correspond with Slovak spálňa, nor with English sleeping-room. Rather a bedroom, like a room in which the bed is located-that is, it is closer to him.
Are we sleeping or just lying down?
Sleep can be everywhere. In a chair by the TV, at work, on the couch reading a book, under a bridge, on a catch. However, most of this vital activity is really happening in the bedroom. Yet the essence of the Czech word suggests that it is not only a sleeping room, but a room with beds. However, we must take into account the spatial circumstances. In many older paneling flats, the bedroom was only counted as a room for overnight stays, where usually only a double bed with bedside tables, in a better case, some piece of furniture on the wall against the feet of the beds.