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Ideal Physical Activities for Senior Population

As you grow old you are going to experience a gradual change in your physical capabilities because of the slow but constant decline in your body physiological capacity especially after you hit your 50th birthday, when this happens you will experience challenges in completing tasks you previously completed seamlessly because of loss of physical abilities associated with aging. The process of aging can leave a person dependent on others for the assistance of daily activities, however, it is possible to counter and slow physiological effects of aging through regular physical activities, but it is good to mention that exercise program for the senior population should be individualized to meet the person physical needs this is because this group is categorized as a high-risk group in physical exercises and they need constant monitoring. Most people in the senior category experience difficulties with basic daily activities such as feeding, dressing, and bathing, these challenges can be addressed using ideal and customized physical activities, some of these exercises are outlined in this article so continue reading.

You will notice seniors struggling with basic activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, feeding, dressing as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) like cooking, shopping, and other home chores because of age-related conditions such as arthritis that affect their flexibility, depreciated muscles which prevent them from maintaining exercise for long, heart problems which exposes them to risk of cardiac arrest, all these make it challenging to fit and engage this group into an exercise regimen. To assist the senior population to regain their independence design a tailored exercise program that emphasizes flexibility and targeting small muscle groups such as fingers and palms, this can promote their ADL and IADL considerably if the program is utilized effectively.

Low to moderate aerobic exercises are recommended for this group, such aerobics activities include but not limited to walking, hydrodynamics exercises, swimming, and cycling, it is however recommended to maintain constant monitoring of their heart rate, blood pressure as well as their ratings of perceived exertion to make sure they are safe at all time, where applicable collect and keep their performance data which you can use to adjust, manipulate and improve the exercise program to ensure there is gradual progress on their health goals without putting them on any risks.

Because a good number of senior groups have Alzheimer’s or other degenerative brain conditions, engaging them in ADL and IADL has been established to slow this condition, activities such as walking, dancing, and cooking have been seen quite effective. Those are some physical exercises you can use for seniors.

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