Sickness pension?

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Do you receive an old-age pension while you work? I'm sure you're wondering what if you get sick, what are you entitled to? Do you have an indefinite or part-time ratio and are you considering whether the payout is different in that case? Sickness benefits are paid to old-age pensioners for a period of eighty five days and the type of work is not taken into account.
How will I have an apology absence in retirement?
The entitlement to sickness payment is determined by a certain number of calendar days, what happens when you have a longer period? Can you still be in sick leave without entitlement to sickness benefits or do you have to terminate your employment with an employer? If the medical condition does not allow you to get into employment and the treating physician confirms it in your report, you can stay at home, still in employment, but without a claim for sickness payment.